What to sell online: 10 interesting ideas of fashion products

What to sell online 10 interesting thoughts of fashion products

This is the third post in a series of articles detailing the process of determining what to sell online and how to start e – commerce. In the following weeks, we will publish more detailed articles on other aspects that will help you evaluate the products you can sell online.

With thousands of products available for sale online, choose a single product can be a somewhat daunting task.
In our first post on the subject,
we learned eight strategies to find the first product from your online store  and in our last article we show  10 site where entrepreneurs can find product ideas.

From this information, we decided to
find ourselves between these sources and have selected 10 products- one from each category – that seemed interesting and caught our attention. To make a small test demand, we use
Google Trends to effect cross all controls. 10 product ideas we have selected have a strong upward trend.

Making this list is just a starting point.
When you have chosen the product, you need to go through a
full assessment process to determine the demand and potential output. 

So we

With the help of our free guide you can create product descriptions that generate sales for your online store.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind, these are not suggested for selling online products, they are just elements that have drawn attention to us and whose tendency is on the rise according to Google Trends. Before you sell anything online, you must first do your own market research to determine demand and potential.

The only industry where there may be more trends in nutrition, is in fashion.
Related to nutrition and health industry is constantly evolving and there will always be opportunity for new products to meet the latest fad diet. One of the biggest trends in recent years has been the paleolithic diet (or paleodiet). If you do not know, this diet is a modern nutritional plan based on an alleged diet of Paleolithic men used more than 15,000 years ago.

Here in the office of Shopify have a handful of employees who follow this diet, which inspired us to take it.

Glancing at Google Trends on the Paleo diet, we see a significant growth peak since late 2010.

Consider the following image:

Manufacture of food products can be somewhat complicated because it involved food laws and regulations.
Digging a little deeper, we find  
YouBars – that as a manufacturer – offers a wide range of options for people interested in protein and nutritious wholesale and private label bars, will be responsible for all manufacturing and labeling required by law.

The fashion industry progresses trends are constantly evolving, which means that there are
multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs. Bow ties for men they have become a growing trend in our community, especially in the windows of every shop  online.
Trends in Google you will see how this trend is real.
In the past 3 years, searches on “bow ties for men” have tripled. This triple jump shows a growing trend of men who are not only thinking about buying a bow tie, but also want to dress and look good.
The best thing about this is that men have increased the buying trend in e –
commerce in general. The portal Mexico the country that has increased in 2016 .
This is good news for the male market retail and e –
commerce, as it represents a significant market opportunity for a specific audience.
After checking the trend of bow ties, we get
excited with the world of men ‘s fashion accessories and we wonder what other menswear products represent a good opportunity. We asked the experts who follow on Twitter to see what products he was talking recently were.
It turns out
that apart from the bow, there is another accessory that is experiencing a comeback in the market: Handkerchiefs – who have also attracted attention lately.
When checking the trend of Google Trends Handkerchiefs, they seem to
have even more followers than bow ties in recent years. 
The scarves are not only great because they are fashionable, but because they are products which ,
with a good job and practice – can do yourself. With some pieces of fabric can create attractive products sold above $ 60 (some brands may become more expensive) and profit margins can be quite good.
Another positive point about accessories – such as handkerchiefs and bow ties mentioned above – is that they generally are one size and fit like pants or shirts.
This makes them much easier to buy and sell online.

scarf men

Who would have thought ?
Originally we dealt with these lenses in Alibaba as we sailed in the popular section. A search for the phrase “sunglasses wood” in 
Alibaba  yielded 22,603 products from 555 suppliers. An indication of strong demand from the market. 

To verify our suspicions consult Google Trends, where we discover that the wood sunglasses are a relatively recent product, however exhibit steady growth almost every year since its inception.

Note that products like sunglasses depend on the season, which can be clearly seen in trends. In any case it is an interesting product.

After finding the sunglasses in wood in Alibaba, we think about the current trend of wooden accessories.
We have seen many wood accessories
Kickstarter , so we began our search and quickly found the wooden clocks. 

If we
observe the following trend graph, we can see that wood clocks have been around for much longer than we think. Based on the results of Google Trends, we appreciate that entered the market in late 2004 and 2012 the interest in this type of product has been slow but steady growth.

However, in the last two years the growth curve has remained stable with sporadic peaks.
Still remain market opportunities for wood clocks or already reached the top of its expansion?

We have seen many products and accessories for men, however we
found a product for ladies who has had tremendous growth and interest in recent years.

We subscribe to product review blogs we read quite regularly as
Uncrate and Outblush . The latter is where we find a list of leggings for women, especially with bold designs.

Except for the strong seasonal nature
of product demand, the trend of leggings look very strong, significantly increasing every year.

Electronic cigarettes are big business.
Also known as E-Cigarette is an electronic device steam content itself. Sometimes called “personal vaporizer” or “digital steam device” is a battery powered developed to simulate the flavor of snuff device.

Currently, these devices are everywhere.
We have seen in news and in our community, but they are really an idea of potential product and as such appreciate it in the article of Digital Freedom Portal: The unstoppable growth of electronic cigarette.

electronic cigarette

Although e-cigarettes are an interesting product they are something really new in the market and the legal framework just being built.
In the coming years is expected to entry into this market is a little more difficult and restricted.

Google Trends graph coincides with our forecasts for this particular trend.

While looking for
more information on electronic cigarettes, we decided to go to Reddit to see what was said about it . To our surprise, we find a
subreddit dedicated specifically to creating your custom mix on the market for liquid refill your electronic cigarette, also known as “juice” or “e-juice”. 

As we imagined, the growth of this trend fits with the growth of electronic cigarettes very closely, so it can be considered as a potential business opportunity.

As we sailed on Pinterest, images of coconut oil emerged steadily.
Apparently it is a good oil in one, healthy and can be used for cooking, as well as lip balm, cream moisturizer, shaving cream, conditioner deep treatment body cream, cleanser, body scrub, insect repellent, And you stop counting.

Coconut oil

If we
look at the trend graph, the upward trend is undeniable since 2011.


Coconut oil is an interesting product because it
has multiple uses. Each of them can be a niche market with opportunities to explore separately.

While we were looking at Instagram, we noticed a picture that someone had climbed on matcha green tea.
The Matcha is a finely ground green tea as a powder and has become a popular product in conjunction with the category of teas in general. Tea sections of supermarkets have had to make room for multiple brands that have appeared in recent years. 

MatchaThe trend Matcha green tea has increased since 2009Y recently there has been a massive spike interest in Internet searches.

Overall here’s the situation.
We use
a list of resources to collate our suspicions, search and online communities in general and employ a strategy that provided these initial 10 ideas for interesting products to sell online. In our publication next week, we will select one of these products to evaluate fully and to determine the feasibility and potential demand.

What other products or trends you noticed lately?
Do you have a product that you think is trend? Tell us in the comments.

Write him
an e – mail to our Technical Support team, and they will respond
in Spanish as soon as possible.

Hi good day.

I read your article and I wish you could help me know if my product I manufacture has a favorable trend, granola made up of
various cereals, such as oats, amaranth, sunflower seeds, raisins , blueberry, honey , vanilla, etc., if I could give some advice to make an effective search for my market! I would appreciate it!

Hello, I am a
painter and I would like to sell my online pictures, I have a web I would like to see it and know what you think of my `posibilidades.Gracias.

My family and I want to
sell swabs (sort of tamale) abroad, this platform advises me for what I want

Thank you very much everyone for your comments and especially for trusting us and seek our opinion. They can send an email to, where we can advise them in the best way possible, and personalized. Greetings,

I have fully read your article.
I stay with the doubt that if you sell only publish articles or recent manufacture. Excuse my ignorance to read.

Concretely, I would like to
know more about “BARS PALEO”. I have a library focused on literary line “Family” and I’m on a search for products that could be marketed within my market area and help us to go hang novelty seeking. We are located in Mexico in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico Lic. Angel Aguirre

Hello I sell nail products, and have many different products as I can give you is sold around here,? Or who care more, thanks.

Hello eats can see, I’m Elias Calcaño.
Rep. Dominicana.

I am interested in knowing a page or a link where you can have information on which products are demanding certain shops, laboratories, factories etc.
in order to make deals about it .

Thank you.

Thank you very much for your comments.

Angel, we are the virtual platform most stores we publish in our post.
Gladly we can help in

Hello Vero.
Enter our plans and knows what is best suits you. We are here to help you sell your products.

Elijah, I recommend you log in
to Google trends to find out which products are trending in different countries. In our blog you can find content on the subject.


I would be
interested to find out whether an online platform that is focused on selling food products without shop offline, can be made to work, it is to sell hams, olive oils, cured meats, wines, caviar, etc. the idea is to sell products that are not in chains alcampo type, carrefour, etc, grracias hypermarkets and greetings

Hello Javier.

Although these products are a little more difficult to market online, it is possible.
You can make shipments only in the country where you belong and experience with international shipments only when this proved that the product did not suffer any damage. The high vacuum pack is a good choice for these cases.


Hello good day.
I live in Colombia’m interested to know ideas from people in other countries, which can exchange for possible future business, the idea would be that they knew our products in Colombia and that can be marketed in another country also what your country in mine, by this means for your help

Hello Narciso.

Thank you very much for your comment.
We expect more people to share their products.


Hi I would like to me you
report a bit that can be sold in Romania an emerging country and paracer many possibilities of European funding


good’m from Venezuela will travel to the
Dominican Republic and I would like to know I can carry to sell or rearrange any product or article

I want to
know ideas for a Sabrosuras business basketful derivatives costeño or curd cheese: enyucado, bread , rice, cassava bread, cruller, corn bread, whole wheat bread, snacks corn sweetened with panela, the idea is to supply a demand, the part of financial evlauacion and profitable

have a small business essential and carrier oils are sold very well but I wonder how I can make them
available in other countries if anyone cares to grow together are 100% pure and have grade terapeutico-

hello alive in Mexico City and I am interested in starting a business selling leggings and pet accessories and clothing (specifically dogs) that form pu
edo start? I would like to know everything to start with the right foot and go increasing my sales’m really open to any idea or suggestion of you to ensure the success of this idea, in advance thanks

to Doris sand!
I am interested in selling essential oils in Spain. My email is

I LOVE more information about the electronic cigarette to sell

Narciso I live in America but I xomecializar products Colombia here and in Colombia looking for someone to get me ye send them
products here

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very good research has helped me a
lot to know how to improve. thank you.

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I’m from the Canary Islands (Spain) and we are seeking distributors of products made here for all America. For more info contact me :

Hi I have a website for many years and want to
sell products for women ‘s health, really do not know where to start’m based in Miami.

hi friends thanks for such important information, I am interested in green tea milkshakes and virgin coconut oil anyone could share information on how to
acquire it for marketing in Mexico Jalisco.

Thank you
, greetings to all

Hello I am Jesica from Argentina.
Q would help me in giving me information on what I can sell right now and it cost me .. Thank you.

I am developing a system of gift wrapping and envelopes of giving practical dinero..muy

Hi good afternoon, I’m doing pallets of yogurt with natural fruit, and I would like to export my product, thank you very much

Hi good afternoon, I work up pallets of yogurt with natural fruit and would like to
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Hello !

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Thank you.

Hi all I
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Hi Gabriela

Now you’re already decided, a good way to find a business idea is thinking about things that you like or passionate.
You can sell products such as those mentioned in this post or services.

I share this post where you’ll find tips to start your business without quitting your job.


Hi I am from Chile I would like to
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Saludos thanks

Good afternoon, I

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Narciso like I’m interested to know ideas from people in other countries, which can exchange and do business, the idea is to know Colombian products that can be marketed in another country and meet interesting products in your country to bring.

thanks, greetings and successes to all

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I am Panamanian, and sell inexpensive products like mobile phones, tablets, branded shoes and clothing in general and whether branded or not, handmade molas and all at low prices.

‘m Mexican and I’m interested in selling products online if someone wants to
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Hello I am Spanish I would like to
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greetings to all from El Salvador, I want to
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Very good days.
A cordial greeting….

I am a Colombian Medellin, I have a great affinity with textiles.
By hobbi I like to design cushions living room and bedroom, I also like the art of custom sublimation fabric and I very much like to exchange concepts and ideas about this product or other products that can also be marketed in the US, especially in Miami . Thank you. I will be attentive and very receptive to receiving ideas or business proposals in which one can undertake.

I of this world conosco much but if you esiste and I saver like if I encotrar some money around here if there is
opportunity in this platform I would like to know because I have four children and I have no economic resource. Any response porfa I know make greetings to all

Hello Miguel Angel,

Thanks for your message.
To generate income on the internet there is no magic formula, it requires hard work, dedication and perseverance. Shopify is an ecommerce platform with which you can start an Internet business, however, sales and customers do not come on their own to do a lot of Internet marketing so that customers get to know your business.

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Hello good dia..Estoy unemployed and am thinking about
selling something online is not my problem q q sell. You q recommend to sell me as a beginner and not fail

hello Soraya,

To find out what products to
sell in your area, we recommend using Google Trends to find out what things are trending or whose searches are on the rise, that can give you a good indication of ideal products .

The business failures depend on many factors, not just the selected product, and keep in mind that a business starts to not give immediate returns, so we recommend you get a job while you’re developing your business idea and start make the necessary sales for profit.


am interested to export legitimate bee products, anyone interested please write to my mail,


someone would be
interested in products from Mexico

Hello, I

live in Florida, I am interested to
import a product that USA is very accepted, just looking for a contact.

Good morning’m from peru and would like to
start selling this medium nose to shoppify first thing to sell because they say q is better to create your own brand then say that matter is best, for one who is beginner thing recommend my interest is watches, shoes, wallets etc

Hi Cesar,

for someone who just start a business and have no experience, I
recommend resell the products of another; ie buy from a local wholesaler, and sell the products in your store.

Start with a small inventory and then to grow, then move to buy from suppliers abroad.

As for
the product to sell, I suggest you look Google Trends where you can see what the trends in your country.


Good morning I am Colombian esoteric store and who need products like essences.
Velones prayers medals bathrooms risks novenas .. Gladly … @ pandrea_1981

Hi Thanks for the answers to our comments, I would like me will
collaborate with something, I like innovation in the area of food per week I can bring a new product you can get to impact the market, my problem is that that is not the most direct way to know if this could have a good impact on the consumer because known and people who try products like much but not if the impact would be very good to take a chance and produce a larger scale. I wonder what would be the most effective showcase for innovation and the impact it would know this, I thank you for Llos advance councils that you could provide me ..

Today there are companies that offer digital catalogs for sales and can be distributed by social networks.
These catalogs can be edited by putting prices and your phone to call you. It is a way to distribute with your friends or everyone. For more ideas I recommend visiting

Hello My Name Is Nelson live in Uruguay Punta del Este ….
I would like to know that trend is in other countries to export and aca sell thanks

Good afternoon, are real
good comments on here, particularly I do not have a product to sell, I work more in sales in rural areas, I’m from Paraguay, and it is very fashionable shopping areas in my country because of the great demand for meat as the main export product of our country and the large number of also local demand, ah it becomes common buy fields by foreigners and engaged in that. The hard part of all this is to find investors, if someone who is capable and can motivate and investors find these orders I am about to engage in business and share the commissions in most cases are good. Any queries to my email

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Thanks in advance for the acknowledgment and timely jenny and pink.
Really interesting page. I am in search of an innovative product to market or distribute, I’m in cartagena – Colombia and I’m inclined slightly to the area of health, is that Spain is a pioneer in this. but just I look for something that you can distribute. I have always represented companies with their products. I am currently marketing Pellets or spheres of gold plated 18K plated bracelets of different sizes for those who are engaged in Jewelery, the material is not very good peel, is guaranteed. I’m to order . my email is

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Hello good evening .. I commercialized very nice if someone wants shawls wholesale !!
And I take this opportunity to mention that I am interested in buying wholesale leggings for but not anyone who can sell me .. If anyone knows please I leave my mail.

I manta products and print such cases, little bags, backpacks, bags, cushions … How can I sell more? Thanks and regards

Greetings, I am a
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I would like to
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I really need to guide me in this.

I would like to
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Ljf Hi,

I suggest reading the guide dropshipping is ideal for resellers.



I am from Puerto Rico and handling a food company and would like to
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Hello everyone, my name is
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