Why install a security camera at home? 4 fundamental reasons

Why install a security camera at home? 4 basic Reasons

The security is one of the most cherished values today. Our privacy and of course take care of our properties are a priority today. Especially because we are permanently connected to the Internet and share more often than necessary our location via, for example, the social networks . Along with the economic crisis in which we are immersed, burglaries are becoming more frequent and we must protect ourselves . A surveillance camera installed in time can save more than one problem.

For each circumstance there is a surveillance camera model and appropriate safety.

For each circumstance there is a surveillance camera model and appropriate safety.

There are several circumstances that increase the sense of insecurity in homes. On the one hand, because of the economic crisis of recent years, robberies are becoming more frequent rather developments and residential areas with little traffic and few neighbors. On the other hand, the picaresque of foreign friends sharpens as fraud and theft in the home with their inhabitants inside, taking advantage of often vulnerable older people, opening the door to thieves who identify with a false identity.

As if that were not enough, continuous Internet and the rise of social networking push us to continually share where we are , where we’ve gone on vacation, who we are … A call loudly criminals, without too much effort they may know our address and whether we are at home.

Therefore, if you are thinking of installing a security camera but have not entirely clear, in Todoelectronica we offer four reasons to convince end . Take note:

1. Whether or not in your home, security camera monitor constantly what is happening inside or outside. At any time you can view the recordings.
2. The simple fact of having a surveillance system deters thieves to carry out any criminal act on the property. Therefore, also useful as elements of prevention.
3. If the thieves arrived to break into your home and make the theft, everything would be recorded. Graphic evidence that would help significantly in research, facilitating their identification and, hopefully, the recovery of stolen objects.
4. On the other hand, modern security systems today allow viewed at any time from your computer, tablet or mobile phone live recording.

As you can see, security cameras gradually become a necessity rather than an option . We need to take care of our privacy and our properties, and prevention is essential .

Once the decision is made, it is essential to choose the correct camera surveillance. The distance to the object you want to display, the amplitude of the image (zoom) and its resolution lies are just some of the fundamental features that must be taken into account. Broadly speaking you can choose between three types of cameras: analog , analog HDVCI and digital (IP) . Extra tip: When you make your purchase do not forget to grab a suitable video recorder for the camera or purchase a kit with all the elements .

In Todoelectrónica you can find cameras for security surveillance and more reliable on the market .

Of course, if you have any questions or need advice, do not hesitate to
contact us . We will help delighted.

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