Why owners of virtual stores should take advantage of online reviews

Why Should owners of virtual stores take advantage of online reviews

This is a guest post Alex Ivanovs of CodeCondo .

The e –
commerce environment is changing and evolving. One of the biggest changes in recent years has been the rise of online reviews.

In fact,
the reviews have spread both digitally and physically, no matter if you are actively encouraging generated.

However, when used strategically, the reviews can become
social evidence to persuade people to buy.

In this post we will see how these comments put to work in your business.
Specifically, we show how to begin to generate (and automated) and how to handle them .

Let us

Search for reviews online has become a standard part of the
whole buying process these days, you need to pay attention to all owners of virtual stores.

In fact:

In other palabas, comments have real value for consumers and people now depend on them.

But they
also have benefits for sellers.

The biggest obstacle for you, as the
owner of a shop e – commerce, is the
building of trust between your brand and customers . Nobody wants to have a bad reputation. Products of good quality, reliability and usefulness add up how your customers perceive your business.

Original and positive comments encourage customers to look at you as a brand you can trust, someone who cares about its customers, and is willing to make an extra effort to provide an exceptional customer experience.

In addition to providing impartial information they can trust, people also see comments from other people, because they provide a view from a third point on the quality and experience that a product offers.
For example, learn more about softness, flexibility and durability of a yoga mat during use at a local gym.

Comments like these help people imagine themselves using the product, and also assists in reducing the most common questions that otherwise are going to give customer support.

Smaller and newer e –
commerce brands face a bigger challenge when it comes to building trust, compared largest and most well – known brands. It is especially difficult these days because people have become more cautious.

“Rising Scams phishing, malware, or just a bad customer service only show the bad quality that makes consumers become more cautious in their clicks – which means that confidence indicators in your website are more important than ever “- Mark Hayes, Shopify.

As Mark suggests, indicators are important and must be present in your store, make comments available in your store will make your site is on track to achieve persuade people who visit take out your wallet and make a purchase ,

for example , check out as
MVMT Watches used (and ask) comments on your product pages to add social proof and convince visitors to buy.

We have already seen why you should take advantage of the comments, let’s look at how to
start generating them . Have a way for customers to leave comments is one thing – and it is important – but getting really leave comments is completely different. Often the customer simply forget to comment on the product you bought, or do not feel sufficiently inspired to write a comment about it.

What can you do to motivate these people?

Learning to be a good salesman by mail, is not only to
sell more products , is also to encourage people to become an active part of your community, they can share the same passion. You must learn to build email campaigns you can send to customers who have used your product for a week or two – as this will have had enough time to write a comment. Be gentle, kind and ask what else you can do to help.

The worst thing you could do is force your customers to go through a tedious process of verification when they
want to comment. Make the process of leaving comments more accessible, easy and rewarding as providing a coupon for $ 5 off your next order for manner. You’ll amaze your customers and increase confidence in your business.

Let registered members who have purchased your product can leave a comment, but it is as easy as entering some text and press the send button.

Even the smallest of incentives can have a huge impact on how you will be engaging your customers.
As I mentioned above, give a special coupon after making any comment can be very beneficial – providing discount codes and previews of upcoming products is also a great way to encourage customers to be part of your community.

I think it’s time to take a look at some of the
most important tools you can use to collect and manage feedback, and we hope to help you discover new ways to automate things.

Email marketing is an important part of the compilation of comments, because it
not only allows you to track customers who have recently bought you also lets you automate the process so that you only have to set it once. Marketing software in your email, simply install a generator automatic responses that lets you send the mail a week after your customers have purchased a product, since surely have been able to prove it .  

If you’re new to email marketing, here are
some tools that we recommend for you to start with this strategy:

MailChimp ‘s email marketing service with more than 7 million users. They provide an easy way for users to send email newsletters way, manage your subscriber lists and follow up the campaign performance.

MailChimp has a variety of basic and advanced features (such as templates, segmentation lists, A / B, geo-targeting and monitoring ROI) and makes it
accessible for the everyday user through the automation and a competitive price.

It has
numerous case studies on his blog ; some stand out as being from designers like Paul Jarvis , and large in the media as Slate .

AWeber develops and implements service email marketing opt-in used by more than 120,000 small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs around the world. It is one of the top 5 companies, leading email marketing in the world, and has a lot of experience in caring for people at all levels.

Your email builder Drag & Drop is quite easy to use for beginners with advanced options for experts.
Regardless of skill level, you can customize emails to suit your style.

Campaign Monitor makes it easy to attract new subscribers, send newsletters well – crafted email and see impressive performance reports. Built from scratch for creative professionals, you can manage all your clients from a single account and let you send campaigns to set prices.

In addition to these three services, you can also find excellent choices, as
Klaviyo in the app store Shopify .

Yotpo is a solution to create opinions and make marketing for ecommerce stores. Yotpo helps stores to generate tons of opinions, and used to drive quality traffic and sales through social networks, email and other channels. Yotpo also includes powerful online reporting and analysis that provide actionable information to improve your marketing and merchandising strategy.

You may’re not generating much count comments using the review system software integrated into your shopping cart, so that Yotpo can be very useful.
It allows you to integrate a review platform that can be powered by social media. It is un-available free for life, but there is also plan paid versions that allow more flexibility.

Read this case study showing how Yotpo was able to help a business – a business that focuses on selling televisions and electronics – to increase sales revenue by 14%.

Product Reviews is a payment application that allows Shopify easily add the comment box to your online store. This is a great way to engage your customers and increase your sales.

With Product Reviews score you can get SEO friendly adaptation of themes and easy customization, ideal for users who do not know how to

Be sure to take a look at the other
applications of comments available in the App Store Shopify.

We hope this article has given you some ideas on how you can start to see the benefit of comments and generate profits for your store.
Reviews are powerful, and when used effectively can help increase sales.

Are you currently you use comments on your site?
How has it worked for your store? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Alex Ivanov loves to
dive into the topic you are writing and allows you to learn and grow together. It is the force behind
CodeCondo , a community for aspiring developers and webmasters. You can follow him on Twitter and Google+.

That ‘s great article with an excellent contribution to Shopify users who wish to
take advantage of online reviews! As a professional working in the service ratings and reviews for businesses, I fully support what Alex mentioned: the confidence to potential customers is not easy. The online ratings and reviews play a key confidence – building and reputation online, because they help convey confidence and transparency to potential customers paper. And to get customers to comment, you need to implement a technique for collecting ratings and reviews which effectively encourages customers to review and evaluate the product. In addition to the valuable techniques mentioned by Alex, another good way to encourage customers to leave a rating and therefore increase the response rate is the Pop-Up tool. Which compiles reviews directly after the transaction, helping to get ratings instantly. Do not let your customers buy without getting an appraisal! And it uses methods that help you the most to encourage your customers will leave ratings!

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